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Bristol K Breakdown Crane

“The Old Darling” in 2007

This page will act as an index to transport-related topics on this site, so the list size will increase as I post more items.

As a teenager, I amassed quite a collection of photos of transport subjects (road, rail and air; vehicles and buildings). Many of these are not of particularly good quality, but they may have historic value, at least for those who are interested in such things.

The photo at the top of this page shows “The Old Darling” (aka “The Old Girl”), which is a 1940-built Bristol K bus that was converted into a breakdown crane. This worked in Scarborough during the 1970s, but was eventually bought by a local bus driver. I took the photo above in 2007, during the Centenary celebrations of local coachbuilder Plaxton, when I was astonished to see the vehicle again, little changed after more than 30 years!

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