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  1. Hi David, Just a quick note to say that I stumbled across your blog looking for history of Swifts of Scarborough. Swifts was purchased by Wiremold, then by Legrand,then by Schneider, then back to Legrand. Something to do with monopolies and mergers. Your bungalow was demolished in 2008 as it was unused and starting to become a risk. I could never imagine someone living there, let alone working in there. We are still going strong but functions only as a manufacturing site now, employing about 100 people. All ancillary functions have been centralised in Birmingham. The Richmond site no longers features in our portfolio. I have a lot of historical photos relating back to the days of Swifts as well as catalogues and medals which I dug out of a skip when the marketing director left the business. He clearly didn’t value the history of the place. This message was more to get in touch rather than it be reproduced on your blog, but you have my email address now if you want further information.


    1. Thanks for the information, Neil. When I photographed the “Bungalow” in 2007, there were already holes in the roof, so I guessed that it wouldn’t be standing much longer! If you post any of your Swifts-related photos anywhere on the web, please send me a link so I can add it to my page on this blog. Regards, Dave


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