Napa in the New Year

First Street, Napa, looking East

First Street, Napa, looking East

Yesterday, I visited Napa to do some shopping. The city is still recovering from the 2014 earthquake, as is obvious from the building site on the right in the header photo, which used to be a restaurant. Nonetheless, the downtown area still managed to look seasonal.

I bought some items at the Oxbow Market, shown below.


Oxbow Market, Napa

In case anyone is wondering why it’s called the “Oxbow”, by turning immediately to the left of the picture above, you can see the actual oxbow bend in the Napa River, as shown below.


Oxbow, Napa River

Here’s a Google map of the Oxbow area:

Back on First Street, Mary’s favorite spot is the Beaded Nomad, shown below. This business moved from Napa to Petaluma a few years ago, then back to a different location on First Street, in Napa.

Beaded Nomad, Napa

Beaded Nomad, Napa

Although reconstruction work is underway, there are still many structurally-unsound buildings in the city, which are sitting awaiting either renovation or demolition. On First Street, the Gordon Building is closed and fenced off. Round the back, you can see serious damage, as shown below.


Back of the Gordon Building, First Street, Napa

One thought on “Napa in the New Year

  1. Cool post! You would have loved to see Oxbow Sunday night and last night after all of the rains. The river flooded its banks and washed into the area behind Oxbow (shown as grass in your picture). All of that area was water – quite cool! We write a wine country blog you might like for ideas on your next trip here:


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