Applying Logic to Religious Claims

I’ve been thinking of creating some blog posts regarding my reactions to those who, from time to time, try to “convert” me to one religion or another. Such people never seem to have any original arguments, and instead trot out the same old, long-discredited, nonsense. Thus, rather than being forced to waste my time by offering the same old responses once again, I’ll just be able to refer them to my blog posts on the subject!

In the meantime, this Patheos article makes a good start, although most of it refers specifically to Christianity. Once you start analyzing religious claims logically, you’re soon forced to conclude that none of the competing and mutually-contradictory religions can be valid, which makes consideration of the claims of any one religion moot.

I also realize that many “believers” will never be swayed by logical arguments. They cling to their beliefs for emotional reasons, and will accept any contorted rationalization that allows them to avoid considering awkward facts. My goal, therefore, is not to try to proselytize non-belief, but merely to state my own considered views, in a form that avoids having to restate them every time the issue arises.

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