Snainton Station

Snainton Station, Trackside view, 1977

Snainton Station, Trackside view, 1977

Like most of the other stations on the Forge Valley Line, Snainton was opened in 1882 and completely closed in 1950.

Snainton was the only station on the line that had a passing loop, and there were also sidings serving a brickworks.

By 1977, when I took these photographs, the station building had been converted into a filling station and garage. As part of the conversion, the windows at the roadside end of the western single-storey extension had been replaced by doors. The original use of the building was commemorated by the name Station Garages.

Apparently, this station has now been restored, including the replacement of the garage doors with windows in the original pattern.

This was an example of a type of country filling station that is now almost extinct in many parts of Britain. Most such businesses were unable to compete with supermarkets selling petrol at below cost.


Snainton Station, Roadside view, 1977

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