Ebberston Station


Ebberston Station. Location of level crossing, crossing-keeper’s house and station

At the time of my researches, Ebberston Station was the least-altered on the Forge Valley Line.

Ebberston Station was actually in the village of Allerston, but the North Eastern Railway strove to avoid duplication of station names, so a different name had to be selected. Originally, it was named Wilton, but that was changed in 1903 when another Wilton station was opened on the NER system.


Ebberston Station, trackside view

Seen from the trackside (above), Ebberston was almost completely intact, including the canopy and characteristic North Eastern Railway fencing.


Ebberston Station, platform

Above, the original NER weighing machine was still in position on the platform, but the station clock had vanished, and the hole it had occupied was covered with wood.

This site has now been lovingly restored as The Old Station Allerston, for self-catering accommodation. You can stay in one of three “camping coaches” that have been placed on the alignment of the old trackbed, but you might want to book early, since, according to the web site, demand for accommodation is heavy!

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