Lunch in Tiburon

Angel Island - Tiburon Ferry with San Francisco in background

Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry with San Francisco in background

Yesterday, Mary and I enjoyed lunch at Sam’s Restaurant in Tiburon, with Japanese friends. Our friends live in Tokyo, but were staying in San Francisco for a few days.

They took the ferry from San Francisco to Tiburon to meet us, as shown above. The ferry stops on the way at Angel Island. The photo shows Angel Island and San Francisco behind the ferry, which is about to dock.

Below is the area of the Tiburon foreshore immediately east of the ferry dock. The building at the waterfront is the Railroad & Ferry Museum (unfortunately not open at this time of year). The entire visible foreshore area used to be a railroad yard and ferry transfer dock. The mountains beyond are on Angel Island.


Tiburon foreshore, with site of railroad ferry dock

The photo below shows the Christmas tree by the main highway. This area is now the route of State Highway 131, but was also originally part of the railroad yard.


Christmas tree in Tiburon

The link below takes you to a web site that contains some amazing color photos from the 1950s and 1960s, showing the railroad in operation in these locations. Tiburon looked very different in those days!

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